These days, it’s rare to attend a party where there is not at least 1 mother concerned about the kind of food being given to the kids in attendance – and with good reason! In today’s world of convenience and variety, much of what we give our children will make up in flavour what it lacks in nutrients, so naturally they love it! This is especially true when it comes to snacks and pre-made foods at parties. Here are some easy and kid-friendly food ideas that you could serve up at the next kiddies get together:

Baskets or bowls filled with fruits

Fill baskets with apples, small naartjies, small bananas and even blueberries. These fruits all require no prep beforehand, are generally safe for kids to eat, and don’t need to be in containers or wrap in order to stay fresh so even if the kids don’t finish them all they won’t need to be thrown out!

Finger sandwiches

Simple flavour combinations for sandwiches, such as Marmite, cheese, nut butter and chia jam on wholegrain bread are loved by most kids. Use cookie cutters to cut the sandwiches into fun bitesize shapes (this could even tie into the theme of your party)


Fill small paper bags, paper cups or other custom containers with plain lightly salted popcorn. For a slightly sweeter version, you could mix a small amount of brown sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle it over cooled popcorn.

Date & fruit energy bites

These nutrient dense snacks have recently become popular with kids and adults alike, and there are many different combinations of ingredients you could squeeze into these tiny taste bombs. Dazzle and colour them using food colouring or natural colour from fruit. Add some sprinkles and edible glitter and you have yourself an irresistible kiddie treat!

There are tons of fantastic, healthy food ideas for kids available on the web – ask your little ones to help choose which they would like, and it might persuade their curiosity into other healthier eating options!