Hello world

Emily Elephant here. We’ve been stomping around Port Elizabeth for a few months now,   as we go, but we thought it’s time for a more formal introduction as to who we are and what exactly we do here!

What started as a simple idea to have a “real life” princess Rapunzel at my daughter, Emily’s 3rd party (her specific request not mine) quickly morphed into something much bigger and more exciting. Having just recently moved from Cape Town to the friendly city I knew little to nothing about what kind of children’s party services Port Elizabeth had to offer, but I quickly discovered that when it came to any requests for princesses to attend a birthday my options were limited to me dressing up as a said princess or finding an unknown girl willing to do it for me. Neither option was sounding very appealing or possible in such a short amount of time (yes, I am one of those people who leaves everything to the last moment) so we had to relay the bad news to my daughter that Rapunzel was far too busy brushing her hair and that she could not make it this year. But with that, my husband and I sat down and examined the possible reasons why we could not find Port Elizabeth Children’s Party Entertainment , there were plenty companies to choose from in Cape Town and we have attended more than one occasion where we have seen how much joy theses real-life characters bring to children’s lives. So, we took the plunge and stood up to the challenge to become the people to turn to when a parent sits with the same dilemma, vowing to do so with as much professionalism as possible, and a touch of quirk of course!

Both my husband and I, are from culinary / hospitality backgrounds and we knew how to structure and organise events and people, but we just needed to find the right team to help us along the way. Like a puff of purple from a magician’s wand, Selmarie Wessels appeared with open arms and paint-stained blue jeans, eager to share her experience and creativity gained from working in the children’s entertainment industry for over 4 years. Selmarie is also known as “the purple lady” thanks to her fabulous curly and unmistakable purple hair she adorns to parties, where she is praised for her face painting artistry and soft, goofy nature with children. Selmarie has been training our entertainment staff from the start and we are so grateful to have her working with us on this whimsical business path.

Speaking of our team, while we won’t reveal their secret identities (we’d like to keep you believing that you really DID meet the real Queen Elsa or Ben 10) we can certainly say that they are a dynamic and delightful group of youngsters, many of whom are studying or practising drama or education and are all passionate about making children smile.

So now that you know a little bit more about us, how can we make your child’s party dreams come true?