Spiderman is in the building folks!

We at Emily Elephant are so excited to (officially) announce that Spiderman has joined our FUNtastic crew of party entertainers! Book Spidey for your next party or event for a SUPER addition to your day. The character of Spiderman has certainly stood the test of time, and whether you choose him to spend 1, 2 or 3 hours with your guests, he is sure to impress young and old alike!

Spiderman loves entertaining little ones, but the older children seem to be equally intrigued with his captivating personality and intriguing finesse when it comes to practicing his most famous superhero poses! His favourite activities to get everyone involved in include (but are not limited to):

  • Superhero training – Spiderman will put the little heroes to the test with a serious of exercise routines and obstacles
  • Target practice – Using only the most technically advanced superhero weaponry (a NERF gun) Spidey teaches little heroes to aim, shoot and score like the sharpest of shooting heroes.
  • A pose-off – Everyone knows that one of the most important aspects of being a hero is being able to pose like one. It requires core strength, stamina, elegance and bucket loads of confidence, aspects that our Spiderman is all to happy to share with his fans.
  • A super (secret) mission – Using all the skills Spiderman has imparted on his students, the band of heroes sets off to complete a very important challenge, led by their leader Spiderman.

As you can imagine, the little heroes are usually quite tuckered out by the end of Spidermans visit. We suggest you have plenty of party snacks and beverages on stand by!

X Emily Elephant